Skoda octavia tuning

Mods done:
3" Downpipe + RacekatMilltek
Custom remapJD Engineering->223PK, 348NM
Graph before below mods were done.
Graph after catback exhaust, TT DV, airbox mod. Overlayed:
Superpro dogboneSPF2577-80K Stiffer/more durable but not as stiff as powerflex so less rattles.NL leverancier other guy
Forge TIPForge FMGOLFIND Black
SparkplugsNGK PFR7B (4853) bougies
Diverter ValveAudi TT version 06A 145 710N
Bobine (06b 905 115L bremi 12496esm)(Eldor 78251001 06a 905 115 d)Beru ZSE 043 (OE: 06B 905 115 L) Beru 0040102043 Mister-Auto optie r8 versie 7K 905 715 F vergelijk tussen coilpacks
Rubber voor bobinestekker 4B0906102 ECS
Brake switch1C0 945 511 A RDW 10 euro @dealer
VAC system simplificationI removed 1 hose because it leaked, was torn. see red hose in diagram. Click here for a picture of my torn hose
Breatherhose Y-hose Prevent leakage or replace broken pipe see: my DIY
Breather hose 034motorsport or Autobahn88 or Viper: Fineline imports
Brakebooster modMy brakebooster mod DIY
DCPerformance UK Cartuningpoint DE Winparts NL
Weitec WI28282006 Unfortunately they are yellow instead of (skoda)green.
Not a good combination with stock dampeners so replaced them with Eibach+koni
Eibach springs E7909-140(30mm drop) with Koni FSD Are very good. Comfortable to drive but stiff enough.
Milltek midden- + einddemper(MSVW167,MSVW168,MSSK02) Eindstuk
Milotec  Superskoda
Bigger side mount intercooler
Bigger DSG intake in airbox ( 1J0 129 609G)Top is original, bottom replacement part.

Possible future mods:

Also this one isn't green because it's not good enough (green=<200pk) :(
DP31230c + DP31330c) DP21330C front=87 euro rear=47 euro(demon tweeks)
DiscsZimmerman? EBC?
Facelift grille
Current N75:0434906283F N75F Versions:
058-906-283-C20-30 ohm
058-906-283-F25-35 ohm
034-906-283-H25-45 ohm
034-906-283-J20-40 ohm
034-906-283-K20-40 ohm


SuperproLower Engine Front Bush kit. SPF 2576K
Air hosesFive piece kit
ExhaustMiltek resonated Stealth (msvw167/168/mssk02) JKM UK
AirfilterGreen replacement
Pipercross PP1389 panel
Airbox (R32/DSG 1J0 129 607 AK)Octavia mod Bowder's mod
Golf DSG mod (runs to headlight, octavia goes into wheel arch)
1: DSG parts airbox mod
2: smoothed airbox (but turbulence is said to be better..... airflow or turbulence... argh)
3: DSG + smoothing
4: DSG + smoothing
WAK box on Audi TT
Leadscable management
ClutchSachs clutch with G60 flywheel


Sump pipe 06A 103 213 F
Brakeline vacuum hose 1J0 612 041 ES
Intake manifold Y to brakeline PXO 416 541 1
Shock absorber cap 1J0412359
Track control arm 1J0407151b 1J047151c
Connecting link 1J0411315C
Parking sensor 1U0919275
Parking sensor connector 1j0973
Parking sensor loom 1U9971065
Throttle body seal 028129748